As the impacts of the current health pandemic continue to be felt throughout the state, the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation launched its third Miracle Project to provide relief to farmers and families: Miracle Project West Salt Lake, the last week of July. “This was an amazing thing, to see these families roll through here that needed help. We were really able to do some good,” said Ron Gibson, President of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation. “Covid-19 has really heightened the issue of food insecurity in communities across Utah. The work that is being done through the Farmers Feeding Utah program is critical in making sure that families and individuals have the food they need,” said Gina Cornia, Executive Director of Utahns Against Hunger. “It is especially important that when you look at the data, the need has always […]

Only two days after making the first delivery of what will be more than 100,000 pounds of food to Utah’s Navajo Nation (with another delivery scheduled for Monday), the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation is launching its second miracle project: Miracle Project Northern Utah. “The Cache Food Pantry has lost two of our major food drives this past year – the Boy Scouts of America and the Post Office food drives – due to Coronavirus, and so the food donations used to sustain families are gone,” said Matt Whitaker, Cache Food Pantry Director. “There are more clients than ever because of being out of work, and grocery Stores have been less able to donate because the rush of shoppers. Ultimately, we’re just looking to serve individuals and families in need – especially those that have fallen through the […]

The Miracle of Agriculture Foundation was launched by the leadership of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation in early May 2020 with the two-fold goal of helping sustain farmers and ranchers impacted by Covid-19 and providing food and donations to Utah families in need. The first Miracle Project of the Foundation was launched as Farmers Feeding Utah, a campaign designed to tap into the well-known generosity of the citizens of Utah, as well as the agricultural producers in the state. This initial Miracle Project relied heavily on Utah State University’s Hunger Solutions Institute, other hunger relief organizations, and the Utah Department of Agriculture & Food. The first Miracle Project involved the Utah chapters of the Navajo nation in Southeastern Utah – specifically, the Mexican Water, Aneth, Oljato, and Navajo Mountain chapters. Over the past week, the Utah […]

The leadership of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation announced today that it is forming a new nonprofit to help sustain farmers and ranchers impacted by Covid-19, while also providing food and donations to Utah families in need. This Miracle of Agriculture Foundation began with plans for a ‘Farmers Feeding Utah’ campaign, The campaign was launched in partnership with Utah State University’s ‘Hunger Solutions Institute’, other hunger relief organizations, and the Utah Department of Agriculture & Food (UDAF). “The mission of the Utah Farm Bureau is to inspire all Utah families to connect, succeed, and grow through the ‘Miracle of Agriculture,’ and that’s what we’re hoping to do today,” said Ron Gibson, president of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation, the state’s largest general farm and ranch organization. “We’re encouraging all Utahns to help grow a miracle by donating to the ‘Farmers […]