The Miracle of Agriculture Foundation

What is the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation?

Where is it based?

When was it formed? And why?

And who is involved with the Foundation?

Better yet, who does the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation serve?

And how does it serve them?

Or for that matter, can any individual or organization get involved to help achieve its mission?

And for that matter, how?

In this section and throughout the following subsections — Mission, Team, and Board (as well as throughout the balance of this website) — we will do our best to lay out for you

  • the spark of insight that led to the creation of the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation,
  • the driving, unmet needs faced by tens of thousands of Utah families at this very moment, and
  • our passionate resolve to help serve both
    • the poor and underprivileged within our state, as well as
    • the wonderful farmers and ranchers of the Utah Farm Bureau who help feed them.

To this end, we invite you to continue to learn more about, and hopefully get involved with and support, the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation.

Thank you.