Privacy Policy

Personal Information.  Our goal at the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation is to serve the agricultural producers of Utah, while also helping poor and underprivileged families in the state. And we work to do so in the most efficient and safe way possible. To these purposes we store information and data about our partners, donors and volunteers in a cloud database. Our database relies on third party partners for hosting and security, and we do not collect any personal information beyond the information they have shared with us.

Application Information and Data.  All data collected by the DonorBox application used by the Foundation for receiving monetary donations is the property of our respective donors. We do not share such data or disclose it to any party. Users can request a snapshot of their data, and we reserve the right to use DonorBox data for internal performance analysis in order to improve user experience and the success of our marketing efforts.

Legal Compliance Disclaimer.  The Foundation will disclose user information and data to Law Enforcement Agencies, Courts and Other Government parties only if it is used as part of an ongoing investigation and all legal procedures are in compliance with current legislation of the country where the user has permanent resident status.