Our Mission

“To assist the poor and underprivileged (by) providing assistance and relief during disasters, emergencies, and temporary hardships, with particular emphasis on those persons and communities involved in agriculture, farming and ranching….”

“Additionally, the Corporation will seek to educate and inspire the public with respect to the Miracle of Agriculture.”


The definition above was taken directly from the Articles of Incorporation of the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation, a Utah-based, nonprofit charitable corporation.

Within a matter of weeks of its May 2020 formation, and with the generous help of many farmers, ranchers, corporations, nonprofits, governmental agencies and fellow Utah families, the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation delivered over 600 live sheep and more than 16,000 pounds of frozen lamb, and 10,000 pounds of flour to struggling Utahns of the Navajo Nation in southern Utah.

Since then, the Foundation has launched eighteen additional Miracle Projects across the State of Utah. In combination, these Miracle Projects have helped tens of thousands of Utah families challenged with food insecurity.

It is only through their help, and the significant contribution of all of our partners, that the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation raised over $400,000 within 90 days of being launched.

And as marvelous as such fundraising success is, the food needs of families in the State of Utah have not diminished — which is why we have set a goal of raising over $1.4 million in our second year of existence.

Part of the rapid success of the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation is due to its deep ties to the Utah Farm Bureau Federation and its farmer, rancher and citizen members throughout the state.

We thank you for your interest and support as we work to inspire all Utah families to connect, succeed and grow through the Miracle of Agriculture 

And we invite you to become a part of the solution to meet and overcome the food insecurity needs of all Utahns. For that is why we exist.

We are the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation.