#2 Cache County Miracle Project (Logan, UT)

Only two days after making the first delivery of what will be more than 100,000 pounds of food to Utah’s Navajo Nation (with another delivery scheduled for Monday), the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation is launching its second miracle project: Miracle Project Northern Utah.

“The Cache Food Pantry has lost two of our major food drives this past year – the Boy Scouts of America and the Post Office food drives – due to Coronavirus, and so the food donations used to sustain families are gone,” said Matt Whitaker, Cache Food Pantry Director. “There are more clients than ever because of being out of work, and grocery Stores have been less able to donate because the rush of shoppers. Ultimately, we’re just looking to serve individuals and families in need – especially those that have fallen through the cracks.”

The campaign hopes to raise $150,000 through grassroots and corporate donations to help those struggling in the northern reaches of the state.

“We’ve seen miracles in how needy families in Utah got the food they needed, and we’ve been able to support some of our local farmers,” said Ron Gibson, President of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation. “Another part of this miracle is to see the way things have come together. Utahns have been incredibly generous and stepped up to the challenge on our first project, and I’m confident we’ll rise to meet this new one as well.”

Unemployment rates in Cache County have more than doubled compared to last year, and its food pantry (which also serves students from Utah State University) has increased by 30 percent. Unemployment in Box Elder County has more than tripled, with demand increasing by 20 percent. The Miracle of Agriculture Foundation will use donations made through its Farmers Feeding Utah campaign to help these local pantries.

Volunteers will also distribute a variety food in other discreet locations throughout the region, notifying the recently unemployed about the where they can pick up the farm-fresh food. All donations are used to purchase, process and deliver food to families in need, giving both struggling farmers and Utah families a hand up.

Farmers Feeding Utah is a program of the Foundation that is setting up a sustainable food system that helps farmers have the capacity to provide commodities to individuals and families,” said Heidi LeBlanc, Create Better Health and Hunger Solutions Institute Director at Utah State University. “It also provides food access to people in need. It is food security.”

“We’re looking forward to launching this next Miracle Project, and know the people, organizations, and companies of northern Utah will come through,” Gibson said. “Keeping our farms and families going is the ultimate goal, and I know we can achieve it.”